Fit Bish

#OperationFitBish #WifeInsurancePolicy

I did it… I am jumping on the 21 Day Fix bandwagon, with hopes I’ll look like I did in the Days of 21, when the only “fixing” I needed was a mimosa and a Mexican burrito.

This is truly going to be a challenge for me as I have zero hesitation to list my many excuses as to why working out and eating right is just not welcome in my adult calendar.

I mean, let me paint you a quick picture of my current state- It is 11:49 pm, I just finished crafting a diaper cake for a client and forgot to eat dinner. Rather than abiding by the cardinal rule of avoiding meals after 7 pm, I am nose deep into a leftover box of Pei Wei lettuce chicken wraps…

Anyhoo, my 21-in-a-box will be here hopefully in 3 days so standby for updates on this journey! Who knows, maybe I’ll kill it and begin my 42 Day Fix challenge to prep for the next decade of my life!

Pray for me lol.

Xo- Em

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