South African Honeymoon Shoot

S M I L E | S U G A R

Photography: Yeah Yeah Photography

I consider myself relatively savvy when it comes to social media- I mean, I’m on it Every. Day. Instagram is one of those portals that I feel people are missing out on its full potential. Sure it’s a great way to post pictures and keep up with blogs/ brands on a daily basis BUT I also use it as my personal “Google.” Let me explain…

When looking for vendors such as photographers, make up artists, hair stylists, etc. most people probably Google and/or use blogs such as Wedding Wire or The Knot, I choose to hashtag! I hop on my Instagram account and start looking for hashtags for vendors. For instance, I live in Arizona, so if I was looking for an Arizona makeup artist, I’ll do a search for #muaaz (Make Up Artist AZ). For photographers, I go into a deep rabbit hole! Once I find a photographer in an area that I connect with, I then look at the people THEY are following. Like a tiny community, like-minded vendors are friends with another and typically share similar styles and interests. Voila! That’s how you get your hands on AWESOME vendors while getting a sneak peak into their work through Instagram!

Loooooong story short, that’s how we found Yeah Yeah Photography! Helena is the magician behind the lens and she was BEYOND accommodating. After a few short weeks of communicating via email and brainstorming on sites, we finally met Helena at Llandudno Beach, Cape Town.

Yeahyeah Photography

We chose this spot for its large boulders and white sands! I was expecting sunshine and a Snapchat- worthy glow at sunrise. Instead, we got gray skies and light sprinkles! I still adore the pictures and love its unique mood!

 The second location, which Helena was so gracious to drive us tourists to, is the beautiful town of Bo-Kaap. Known for its pastel colored homes and cobble stoned streets, the three of us walked this rainbow connection to take the rest of our photos!

 I know! I feel like I had a “double rainbow” moment too when I saw first laid eyes on Bo-Kaap! If you plan on going to Cape Town on holiday, we URGE you to go to Bo-kaap and see if for yourself! Hopefully you’ll get our sunshine!



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Safarimoon Video

Honestly, Toto got it right when they sang, “It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you!” I never wanted to leave! South Africa is such an amazing place with THE kindest people I have ever met!

Around the time we booked our honeymoon, this AMAZING video of Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell went viral- they too went to Africa. With our GoPro and Sony Cam in tote, we filmed all of our adventures for our “Africa” Toto parody video 🙂

Hope you find some enjoyment from our trip! This was so much fun to make!

SAFARIMOON from Emera Greig (Tapang) on Vimeo.

Greig’s Safarimoon highlights! (Spoof of the OG Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell video lol)

Many thanks to the many friends we made along the way for being a part of this amazing trip!!!

🌾Cape Cadogan
🌾Yeah Yeah Photography
🌾Qaanita with OnQ Makeup
🌾Chapungu Tented Camp (Thornybush)
🌾Marine Dynamics
🌾Illios Travel
🌾Go2Africa for booking the best honeymoon ever 💕

-Xo Em





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Wedding Highlight Video

Ever since I laid eyes on my first wedding video, I knew I just had to have one for my very own wedding! So when it was finally our turn, John and I found, not only a talented videographer, but an AMAZING friend. Ryan Blake Films captured and produced the video of our dreams!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

John + Emera // Highlights // Phoenix from Ryan Blake Films on Vimeo.

Song: “My Love Will Never Fail” By Marie Hines *Licensed through Musicbed

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